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Making your own styles has never been easier!

EMC Style Factory

Style Factory lets you create new variations of existing styles or compile completely new ones the easy way. Simply exchange the bass line, add a brass lick or exchange the complete drumkit. Doing your own styles is real fun!

The following modules are available:

Style Arranger - for the modification of an existing style by replacement and/or addition of new elements from the Style Phrase Library. Some creative macro functions are available as well.

Phrase Extractor - enables you to extend the Style Phrase Library; import any elements from the styles of any current keyboard. After that the new phrases are available in the Style Phrase Library for your new creations.


The single versions (e.g. Style Factory Yamaha, Style Factory Roland) provide the creation and modification of styles in the format of the relevant manufacturer.
Style Factory Universal  is nothing less than the summary of all 8 single programs and provides the creation and modification of styles for all current keyboards in one single program.

Single versions are available for:
Technics * Roland * Korg * Solton * Yamaha * Wersi * Generalmusic * Kawai

The main functions are identical to all versions, so the following descriptions are valid for all of them

Main Page of Style Factory Universal:

Select the desired destination format and the program module you want to work in. You can call up the Play Style module together with one of the other modules in order to listen to all parts of the style by the sound-card in your PC.

> other modules

The main modules of Style Factory:

The Style Arranger

Style Arranger - the Style Phrase Library coming with the software already contains several thousand style elements like drum tracks, guitar tracks, bass tracks etc (the so-called "Phrases"). You may now modify an existing style by adding or replacing tracks with elements from the Style Phrase Library or even compile a completely new style this way. There are no limits to your phantasy! Simply  "Drag & Drop" the new elements to the desired destination position in the style, done! You can listen immediately to the result like it will sound when playing on your keyboard later on!
In addition there are some very efficient functions for the creative modification  ("Humanize", "Swing", "Guitar Style" etc).
Once your satisfied with the result simply save the new style in the format of your instrument and you are ready to play it on your keyboard!

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The Phrase Extractor

The "very special" feature of Style Factory: You can expand the Style Phrase Library with elements from styles of practically any current keyboard. Load an interesting style into the Phrase Extractor and use the contained tracks for your own creations!
The single style parts (or even individual tracks) can be played back; select the tracks you like by clicking the "Import" flag, define a category for the style ("Latin", "8Beat" etc) and save the selected tracks. Now they can be used in the Style Arranger like any other phrases.

You can import styles in these formats:

-- Keyboards --
Technics KN800/770, 1000/750, 2000/1200/901, 3000/3500/1500/920, 5000, 6000/6500, 7000
Roland E-66/86/96/RA-95, E-600/500/300/KR-570, G-800/600 RA-800, G-1000/EM-2000, VA-76/7/5, EXR-series, G-70, E-80/60/50<, Prelude, GW-8, BK series, Atelier-Organs
Korg i1-i5 series, ix300, i30-i50 series, Pa80/60/50, Pa1X/Pro, Pa800, Pa2X, Pa3x/900/600, Pa4x/1000/700/400
GEM WS2/400, WX2/400, WK2/3 4/6/8, Genesys/Pro
Wersi Pegasus/Performer/PhonX ("alt" and "+"-series), OAS-System (Abacus etc.)
Solton MS 3/4/5, MS 40/50/60/100      Ketron X1/X4, SD1, XD3/XD9, Midjay, SD5
Yamaha SFF und SFF2 kompatible (Tyros 1-5, Genos, PSR-, CLP)
Kawai Z 1000, CP Piano series